Mark Mann is a Photographer born in United Kingdom and lives in the county of Suffolk.  He holds a BA (Hons) in photography and studied at the University Campus Suffolk, England.  2013 student of the year, his work has been featured in exhibition at the London Analogue Festival 2013 in Deptford, London and in 2014 at the OXO Tower London.  His work has featured internationally in 2014 representing the United Kingdom at Analog Mania Festival in the city of Timisoara, Romania and has been awarded Prettys solicitors best on show 2014.  One image from his series Rorschach has been purchased by the University Campus Suffolk and now resides as part of their permanent collection.  In 2015 his series ‘Landrise’ was nominated for the Remote Prize in Ireland.

Nominated for the 2015 Remote Prize in Ireland for the series ‘Landrise’


Featured Exhibitions:

Slack Space Gallery – 2015 – Dereliction and Abandonment – The Unwanted.
Grain Exhibition – 2014 – The Unwanted
Analog Mania Festival, Timisoara, Romania – 2014 – Lost Boys Series.
London Analogue Festival – 2014 – Lost Boys Series.
Slack Space Gallery – Remember Exhibition – 2014
The Collective Exhibition – 2014 – Following Constables Footsteps.
Freudian Sheep Gallery – Surface Exhibition – 2014 – Rorschach Series.
Freudian Sheep Gallery – Spring Exhibition – 2014 – No one should feel this way series.
London Analogue Festival – 2013 – The Forgotten People Series.
Primavera Exhibition – 2013 – The Forgotten People Series.
Trafalgar Exhibition – 2013 – Rorschach Series.

Permanent Collections.

One image from the series Rorschach now resides as part of the permanent collection of UCS.


The Photographer’s Gallery – The Story Behind a Photograph – 2016

Curator of the 2014 “The Collective” Exhibition.
2013 Prettys award for “Best on Show”
2013 UCS Student of the Year.
Featured artist – Iris Art Platform.
Featured artist – Freudian Sheep Gallery.

Featured at the debut of Sebastião Salgado’s The Salt of the Earth at the Curzon Bloomsbury, London.


Contact Details

Mark Mann 07866834191 Facebook/Flickr/Instagram:  markmannphotographer Twitter: visual4rtist


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