Racing the Sun…

Very early start this morning. The weather was spot on without a whisper of wind. A new location I’ve had my eye on for sometime and as I drove the anticipation was electric. As a drove guided by the sat nav I had a feeling I was going in the wrong direction. 45 minutes later my hunch was confirmed as I was in fact 45 minutes away. By now I was losing my perfect light and as I rolled up to the lay-by (the correct location) I guessed I had a glimpse of a chance and so frog marched several miles through bracken,forest and inclines. I was racing the sun and I knew as I set the Shen, focused and finally gauged exposure my chance had gone. Fingers cold, but body hot and sticky after the stomp I reluctantly dismantled and packed the camera away.  
At very least the dog had a good walk and for me. Maybe, sometimes, trust your instincts rather than rely on traffic guiding technology!


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