The Photographers’ Gallery

It’s not everyday you open your emails and find mail from the Photographers’ Gallery and even more so when you realise the email is actually intended for you!

Material Waste where it all began…

Where I’m featured (click here)
Well yesterday this was just so. An image I had made had been selected to feature including the story behind the image. I was and still am humbled that I have been recognised for my efforts and although the story behind this image was one of its own, has a direct link to my current body of work Landrise another story in its own right. 

You see when I shot the image featured by the Photographers’ Gallery, it begun a whole inquiry on a side project of those who live or reside on the outside of conventional society. I invested a large amount of time seeking the people, community’s and landscapes of this subject until one day I decided to investigate areas that had once resided the travel community. One site not far from where I lived had once been such a place and so with my dog I visited the location. Not sure what to expect I parked my car and went about going for a recce to see what I could find. There was nothing of note however, what had become apparent was an intense smell of sewage. 

The location Landrise was born…

The air had a stench about it and became stronger as I approached these pipes sprouting from the ground. At the time I had no idea and it was not until I dug deeper that I found that this site had once been a landfill site and the pipes where in fact to release the gasses of the waste buried underground.  
The more I researched the more apparent of how much of our landscape had been redeveloped due to landfill and this was how Landrise was born. 
It just goes to show the more effort you place into your practice the greater the project becomes.
It has been a great week one of which will keep me focused for many months to come.



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