Seasons End…

Well it’s almost the end of the season for Landrise. Spring is round the corner and the locations will become overwhelmed with new growth obscuring the detail below. I’ve been fortunate to find some great locations over the last few months and look forward to receiving the negs and finally scanning them as contacts to make a final selection.
Straight off the back of the iPhone I can’t wait to get the negs back!

In the mean time “normal” life returns. My new contract has started which sees me don my wetsuit and take the plunge back into the world of underwater photography. Long hard earned days are afoot alas effort = reward and I’m not one to shy away from a little graft. Plus I work with a great team so whilst the sun shine we all want to make hay.
A whole world away from Large Format…

When the opportunity does present itself later in the year, I plan to pick up the Shen and continue a summer project of mine Urban Meadows but for now I’m keeping my head underwater…




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