A Small Window of Opportunity…

It has been a good few weeks for Landrise.  Since the weather in the UK has been absolutely horrendous for shooting large format I have predominately been busy researching new locations on survey maps, the internet and via many phone calls to obtain permission to visit the locations in the future. However,  there are times where you just have to bite the bullet and explore and even though the conditions to shoot were unfavourable, the urge to explore and do a few site recces was too much and so have travelled around in search of Landrise and it has proven fruitful….

What’s more looking on the current weather forecast (every other hour) a window had opened up where everything looked to be perfect for a shoot.  There is always a buzz in the air the evening before and since they have been in such short supply this winter, I could hardly sleep.  Early Thursday morning I rolled out of bed in the dark and made my way to the location camera ready and two dark slides loaded.  For Xmas I was given a gift of a Go Pro.  I have always wanted to do some filming of my exploits and today was as good as any other.  Pulling into the village all of which looked to be still in slumber, I quietly gathered all my gear.   It was bitterly cold never less, it was good to be out.  I climbed over the gate into a new world one which I have become accustomed too.  With this project, it has become apparent a large proportion of the landscapes I have been documenting share similar characteristics.  I wondered around with the crisp grass crunching underfoot until I found a suitable view that I hoped would present the landscape in the best possible manor and went about setting the tripod and camera.  It was still dark but did not take long for the sun to make an appearance and right before my eyes a warm sombre light had fallen across the land.  It’s a gift to be able to see such changes whilst many are still sleeping or preparing for another nine til five and I was savouring it. 


Quick iPhone shot…


Constantly checking exposure, I had just enough light to gain a good focus on the ground glass everything was ready to go.  A quick test of the shutter and the release cable broke!  This was going to be problematic for any long exposure as there was no way I was going to set six seconds using my finger so had to wait until the light offered at very least an 8th of a second.  Not ideal but I hope the neg held up to my tentative finger pressing the shutter.

I managed another shot but in fear of making unsharp images called it a day. Still I had the go pro and made good use of it and made a short film which I have linked below. 


I guess it is now a waiting game to get the negs back and go from there.






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