On the hunt for Landrise…

There are no two ways about it producing a serious body of work is a labour of love. Before I even think about grabbing the 5×4 and pressing the shutter the research involved behind the scenes consumes your soul and a large majority of your free time which is fine, providing you remind yourself to come up for air every so often. It is very easy to become consumed in your lust for knowledge that everything else around you, you take for granted. Work, family, friends general upkeep of your home can seriously suffer where in the long term pay a greater detriment towards the progress of your project.  This is why when permitted, I use the time I have to recce an area of interest with family members. This allows for me to gain a greater understanding of the lay of the land available light and access to potential locations all of which would have been throughly researched in the comfort of my own home however, nothing quite compares to actually being on the ground to assess and evaluate the physicality’s and the endless possibilities.  

Hampshire is rich in subject matter…

Taking my wife and at times my two lads allows for them to have some foundation on why I am so obsessive. Naturally, there are times where due to access rights etc I would go alone but having my family play some part in my journey puts some perspective in the cause. The weekend just gone I was fortunate to visit my in-laws in Hampshire. I am one of the few who can hands on heart say I have amazing in-laws who are willing to put up with my demands to venture to new areas and being keen walkers dare I say it actually enjoy our recces. Hampshire is rich in subject matter for Landrise and I had already plotted some areas of interest of which due to living in the area my in-laws contributed invaluable information to finding these places on the ground.  
Helping my family understand…

When we arrived at one destination I instantly knew I was onto some great subject matter. When you study a specific landscape for some time small details become beacons and indicators of its former past and I was not disappointed. We spent a large portion of the weekend walking mile upon mile through this man altered landscape so detached from its original function that without the research no one would be any the wiser and part of why I wanted to engage with the project in the first place. These landscapes are altered in such a way that they become what I term visually deniable of there past. 


Landrise.  Visually deniable…

Anyway for now I will sign off. I took some quick snap shots off the back of the iPhone for reference although the shooting conditions did not suit how I wish to present the project, they were pleasing to the eye and I guess why the landscape had been moulded in such a way in the first place…


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