A new dawn a new day…

It has been a while since my last post and in truth I’ve had no time to spare to make sense of all that has been going on. I picked up a new contract just before Xmas and although immensely fun, it has been very demanding and very challenging. The contract involved a mass amount of underwater photography something totally alien to me however, I was so intrigued I had to accept. I won’t lie it has been intense to say the least fourteen hour days fourteen straight days at a time. New equipment to master new methods of photography alas it did not take long to become accustomed to the new high paced environment and working with some amazing people full of enthusiasm and work ethic just made the whole experience a joy. I’m pleased to say it all went rather well and my contract has been extended permanently.  
Quick go pro snap…
On the fine art side it has been slow. I had to say goodbye to the Shen and without I had little to no interest going out there to continue with Landrise. It did not stop me researching or spending many hours walking with my mutt in search whilst acquire a new LF camera. 

  Still some good news! I managed to find enough funds to finally purchase my very own Shen. I searched long and hard and was fortunate to Stumble upon a great deal on EBay. I drove half the country to pick it up and was greeted not only by an amazing camera, but equally amazing couple. 

I can now say I have made some new friends who also share a passion within analogue photography. I am now the proud owner of a Shen Hao TZ45 iiB it came with two lenses, a Rodenstock Grandagon 80mm f/5.6 on a synchro-compur shutter and a Rodenstock Sironar 150mm f/5.6 on a Copal n0.0 shutter, dark cloth, light meter and dark slides. Many thanks Russell I promise to look after her. (Im still pondering on what name I will give her) I may name her Ava-Rose after a new addition to our family as I have become an uncle to my third niece. A perfect bundle and as a gift offered my services to shoot some newborn images. Congrats to my lil sis and brother-inlaw I hope they like them!


As a owner of my own LF camera, I have the world at my hands Landrise is back and although the project is long term the fire in the belly is well and truly lit I still have a few weeks before the greens in the landscape are too GREEN and the foliage is at a reasonable level the days as also pulling out so not as many early starts the underwater photography is to continue and as my main bread and butter will continue to be my main focus as without it I’ll have no funds to purchase film or to feed my family and pay the bills.  
What I do know is 2016 has kicked off with a great start. Long may it continue…  
Until next time 


4 thoughts on “A new dawn a new day…”

  1. Congrats on the new gig. I was going to say, “She’s a beauty!” I assume you realize, I’m referencing your niece as well.

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